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    The team started in 1967, the master of it is Mr. Jong-Nan Lin, He learned the art from the greatest artist Mr. Hae-Day Hwang’s Wutzowangpie. It’s named Sunping-wutzowang; it means “All peace over the world, more famous forever” Many younger actors were taught the are by now there are 8 actors in it. The location of it is Shi Luo, Yun-Lin, Taiwan.The master leads the team toward “The heat of the town, the feeling of the culture” to push the acting education culture, to cleanse the custom of the society, exactly to hand down the art action and culture. 


    The script bases on the history novels which the team is good at, like Heagonghonpoujuan, Chishowjih, Sangwo-janyih, Yuehfeijuan, but the younger actors are popular with the story, they wrote themselves “Gwoihtieehann” and is granted the perfect acting team from Yun-Lin in 2002,2003.

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