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The troupe was founded in 1967, and the old leader, LIN Zong-nan, inherited the Wu Zhou Yuan of Master HUANG Hai-dai, and named Sheng Ping Puppet Troupe, which means "the four seas rise to peace, and the five continents are famous'. The troupe has been passed down to the second generation and is located in Xiluo Town, Yunlin County, Taiwan.

Under the leadership of the current director LIN Zheng-xing, the troupe aims to promote puppet opera, implement cultural and skill inheritance, and transmit folk opera art through innovative performances and teaching activities, so as to promote the promotion and continuation of puppet opera culture. LIN Zheng-xing took over the operation of troupe, with the business philosophy of "based on tradition and innovation", and worked hard to preserve, activate and promote innovative technologies of traditional puppet opera art, and enhance the public's attention to folk skills.

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